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What is Empower Sleep and how does it work?
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Empower Sleep is a digital healthcare company with a mission to enrich lives through the power of better sleep. With Empower Sleep, patients and providers have access to high-quality, affordable, and personalized sleep care. With our telemedicine platform and FDA-approved at-home sleep testing devices, all testing and consultations can be completed within the comfort of your own home within 12 days.

As experts in the industry, we’ve understood the pain points when it comes to receiving high-quality sleep care: long wait times, sleeping in foreign labs, and exorbitant healthcare costs. So we embarked on a mission to fix this broken system by building a patient-centric platform.

First, you will complete an online questionnaire so we can gather information about your medical and sleep history. We will then send you an at-home sleep testing device that you will wear over the course of 3 nights. Finally, a licensed provider will discuss your results with you virtually and evaluate your treatment options.

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