How to Complete your Sleep Test

Pair your sleep testing device and record your sleep data
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Open your shipment

Your shipment should contain 3 key things:

  1. Sheet of paper with your 6-digit Patient ID - use in conjunction with your Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) to sign in
  2. White box - includes ring recorder and charging cable. Ensure fully charged before using it at night
  3. Return shipping label - hold onto it to return your device when your testing is complete

Download and sign in

  1. Download the SleepImage App App Store / Google Play
  2. Open the app. If you are asked for Bluetooth access, allow the app to access your device’s Bluetooth
  3. Enter your Patient ID and date of birth. If you ordered the sleep testing device directly from us, your personal patient Id will be located on the “Thank You” insert in the box. If you received the sleep testing device from your dentist, use the patient ID that the dentist gave to you. If you do not have it, please contact your dentist directly.

Pair the ring

  1. Power on your ring by inserting a finger into the sensor or clicking the power button
  2. Click the search button in the SleepImage app on your phone screen
  3. Select your ring and tap the “link” button on the screen
  4. Go to the Settings tab and make sure the patient ID matches. You can also find your serial number for troubleshooting.

Start your recording

Do not use other Bluetooth accessories, or other apps, during recording

  1. Power on your ring by inserting a finger into the sensor or clicking the power button
  2. Keep your phone/tablet in close proximity and plugged in to power
  3. Go to the Dashboard tab and click the start button. Wait until “Searching” turns to “Recording in Progress”
  4. Verify that the app is displaying SpO2 and Pulse Rate
  5. You may now turn off your screen and go to bed

During recording

  1. Stay within 15 feet during recording.
  2. If you go out of range and/or remove the ring, check the app when you return
  3. Verify that the app is displaying SpO2 and Pulse Rate values
  4. If you find that it stopped recording at night, make sure the ring had battery, ring stays on your finger, and other bluetooth devices are disconnected
  5. You can also go to settings > Connect a new recorder to repeat setup ("Pair the ring")

Stop your recording

  1. When you wake up, tap the stop button in in the SleepImage app
  2. Go to History tab
  3. Check that all entries say "Upload Status: Complete"
  4. If the Upload Status does not show as “Completed” after more than 1 minute, (1) shut down the SleepImage App by swiping up on the carousel showing open apps (see instructions for iOS and Android), (2) verify that your phone is connected to the internet, (3) open the SleepImage App again. Look for notifications at the bottom of the screen indicating an upload attempt. Switching from WiFi to cellular, or vice-versa, may also solve the issue. Do not delete the app until the entry says "Upload Status: Complete", your recording is stored locally on your mobile device and will re-transmit if there are issues
  5. Finished! Your study has been uploaded to your healthcare provider's account.
  6. Charge your ring for the next evening
  7. Continue the sleep study for at least three nights

View your sleep data

  • Data will be securely transmitted and processed and can be viewed on our patient portal. You can login using your Patient ID and Date of Birth.
  • Alternately data can be accessed through Healthie messages - you will receive a notification from "Sleep Insights" that to directly access your data when it is ready.
  • Typically will be ready within a few hours, sometimes there are delays that cause processing. Occasionally it may require another night of data before your report is pushed through

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