How to Complete your Sleep Test

Pair your sleep testing device
Watch this tutorial

Download and sign in

  1. Remove the ring from the box
  2. Download the SleepImage App App Store / Google Play
  3. Open the app. If you are asked for Bluetooth access, allow the app to access your device’s Bluetooth
  4. Enter your patient ID and date of birth. 
  5. If you ordered the sleep testing device directly from the website, your personal patient Id will be located on the “Thank You” insert in the box
  6. If you received the sleep testing device from your dentist, use the patient ID that the dentist gave to you. If you do not have it, please contact your dentist directly.

Pair the ring

  1. Power on your ring by inserting a finger into the sensor or clicking the power button
  2. Click the search button in the SleepImage app on your phone screen
  3. Select your ring and tap the “link” button on the screen
  4. Make sure the recorder is fully charged before starting a recording

Start your recording

Do not use other Bluetooth accessories, or other apps, during recording

  1. Power on your ring by inserting a finger into the sensor or clicking the power button
  2. Keep your phone/tablet in close proximity and plugged in to power
  3. Click the start button
  4. Verify that the app is displaying SpO2 and Pulse Rate
  5. Put the ring on your index finger or thumb and then go to sleep.

Stop your recording

  1. When you wake up, tap the stop button in in the SleepImage app
  2. Go to History tab
  3. Check that all entries say "Upload Status: Complete"
  4. If the Upload Status does not show as “Completed” after more than 1 minute, (1) shut down the SleepImage App by swiping up on the carousel showing open apps, (2) verify that your phone is connected to the internet, (3) open the SleepImage App again. Switching from WiFi to cellular, or vice-versa, may also solve the issue.
  5. Finished! Your study has been uploaded to your healthcare provider's account.
  6. Continue the sleep study for a total of three nights

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