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My upload failed

If upload status is stuck on "pending", "not complete", "timed out", follow these instructions

  1. Force-close the SleepImage App (see instructions for iOS and Android)
  2. Make sure the phone is connected to the internet
  3. Re-open the SleepImage App
  4. Wait and look out for notifications at the bottom of the screen indicating an upload attempt
  5. Go to the History tab and wait until all entries in the list show “Upload Status: Completed”.
  6. If you still see error messages, try switching from WiFi to Cellular or vice-versa and repeat steps 1-5.

My report from last night did not show up

  • Go to Sleep Image mobile app, History tab.
  • If upload status says "completed", data has been sent to Empower Sleep and we are in the process of processing it. You will receive a notification on Healthie when the data is ready.
  • If upload status is stuck on "pending", "not complete", "timed out", follow instructions above in "My upload failed"

Recorder did not capture data / data stopped recording last night

Recorder is measuring your sleep data when numbers show up under SpO2 and BPM
  • Before turning off your phone screen, make sure numbers are showing up under SpO2 and BPM in the above image
  • If it does not show up, press stop recording in the mobile app
  • Take off ring for 30 seconds
  • Put the ring back on and wait at least 20 seconds
  • Press start recording and wait until numbers show up
  • If it still does not work, go to settings tab and click "Connect New Recorder" and go through the pairing process again
  • Ensure ring has sufficient battery charge before sleeping
  • Disconnect other Bluetooth devices from your mobile phone
  • If ring is loose, try another finger or use tape on your finger to keep it from falling off

My ring is not charging

  • Try using a different charger
  • If battery still does not charge, contact with the subject "Ring not charging, need replacement device)
  • Return original ring to us using included shipping label, and we will send out replacement device

Recorder not registered

  • Go to Sleep Image mobile app, Settings tab.
  • Double check that the 6 digit Patient ID matches the insert included in your testing kit, or provided by your doctor/dentist
  • If you continue to have issues, note your "Device SN" and send to a message with the title "Need new patient ID" and we can request a new ID or send you a replacement device
  • While waiting for your recorder to be registered, please do not uninstall the Sleep Image app or the recorded study files will be permanently deleted and the data lost.
  • If you are scheduled to perform multiple nights of study, please continue to perform those studies even if the recorder is not registered, as the study files can be uploaded at a later date once the recorder is registered. You may also want to reach out to your provider to let them know of the registration issue, as no reports can be generated before the recorder is registered.
  • Once the recorder has been registered, you can retry uploading study files from the the SleepImage app by leaving it open for a few minutes, or by force-closing and restarting the SleepImage app. The ‘History’ tab of the app will display ‘Upload Status: Completed’ for each study that has been uploaded. Once all studies have been uploaded, the app can be uninstalled without the loss of study data.

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